Mar 15, 2010

Marc Jacobs 2010 spring summer accesories(1)

Marc Jacobs has always been exciting accessories, this season handbags series sets noble fashion, handsome and practical in one.The new 2010 spring and summer series continues to bring more surprises for everyone.Brand new Aztec, Dancer, and Parachute series,a bold design concepts combine the traditional beauty,while Paradise series combines fashion and practicality to please the modern women's favor,it will certainly be buying hot goods; Desir series will be a variety of classic style re-packaging position.
Parachute series
Creative style and inspiration:
Brand new Parachute series use fold the nylon to create a sense of both the feminine and full of movement style.Metallic nylon fabric cleverly decorated with imitation snake skin, and silver accessories with a retro flavor, coupled with a unique and rich taste of the bag design, set in an elegant and modern; lightweight and practical design of the bag better meet the requirements of the young generation of women.

Aztec series
Creative style and inspiration:
Aztec was eye-catching nova at 2010 Spring Summer show,unique leather weaving technique used in the leather, creating a material such as cloth-like visual effects.
A simple bag design has fully demonstrated the ladies of the simplicity of modern refinement and not losing noble demands.Silver accessories with very colorful metal pearl and charms more apparent modern woman's beauty.

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