Dec 28, 2010

Marc Jacobs wallets

Busy throughout the year, you have every reason to have a good reward for own hard work.Marc Jacobs locking wallet latches your mind,does’t it?
Among the many brands and choose,we found high practical Marc Jacobs locking wallet, golden locks and elegant lozenge effect are quite big range design details. Lock on the wallet has a good meaning,it must be on your list of the end year.

Dec 24, 2010

Marc Jacobs Christmas wish list

Christmas is coming,whatever your vacation plan is going to the tropical island,or running in the fashion party in striving to be the party queen, need a perfect shape.Marc Jacobs spring series can meet your needs,from gold sequins dress to the colorful printed dress,with elegant and smll chain bag,sure you can from this Marc Jacobs Christmas wish list find your dream thing.

Dec 9, 2010

Marc Jacobs 2011 spring series

Marc Jacobs 2011 spring series as the painted garden equipped, reflected the morning sun. The feeling of the sun throughout the handbag series, not strong midday sun, but light gold or pink gold dawn, makes people feel warm and comfortable.

Low-key elegance beige, chocolate, black coffee plus a little gold, lemon yellow and pink gold,which flashes a light sense;not to mention the raffia fibers flowers decoration,emphasizing the theme.Raffia fibers in Marc Jacobs 2011 spring series is particularly striking, painted stitching,weaving stripe handbag surface,wrapped with bag handle... Fresh texture makes us more close to nature, while at the same time reveal superb technology. Raffia woven handbag is expensiver than the same style of leather handbag,mainly as the evening bag;canvas large handbag can be as beach bag,checkered flap handbag is undoubtedly the most prominent day bag;small chain shoulder bag will please of young girls like,with them all-day activities.

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Dec 2, 2010

Marc Jacobs Fall Winter ads as always not understand

Marc Jacobs advertising has always been such a bit overexposed and deliberately rough processed photographic style, compared to the display of fashion, create a unique atmosphere as more priority task. Photos of scenes sometimes bright and sometimes desolate,always not understand what people in the picture do, this fantastic sense and sense of style with nothingness attracts many people's eyes, as always, adhere to also let the screen into the fashion world in Marc Jacobs signature image, as the models were wearing what, in fact not very important.

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Sep 29, 2010

Marc Jacobs 2011 spring summer handbags

Marc Jacobs 2011 spring summer handbags in the 70s "Taxi Driver" as inspiration,the entire series to dark red as the main tone, from top to bottom is filled with retro taste. Handbag styles this season as the main, in addition to use snakeskin, the designers this season set a small snake on the handbag, vowing to create the dragon totem of popular belief.

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Sep 25, 2010

Marc Jacobs 2011 New York Spring fashion release

Marc Jacobs in New York 2011 spring and summer new conference site for everyone to reproduce the 70's New York style, a blend of 1971 renowned "New York Dolls" band and then YSL style(Pink Pink Pink!!!),but this release Marc dedicated a major source of inspiration for Naomi Campbell. In their Cannes birthday party, all the girls were wearing long skirts dancing. So we are very natural in the show to see these cheerful elves dressed in pink shadow.

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Sep 19, 2010

Marc Jacobs handbags:Marc Jacobs Alexis paillette leather handbag

Marc Jacobs Alexis paillette leather handbag,gold shiny sequins and elegant black leather phase contrast as interesting, many people feel sequined bag is the last century, a product of Shanghai Times, today's society will put some exaggeration, will be people as soon as the actors perform on stage? Oh, does not have to worry this elegant black leather bag suppressed the sequins are too bright character, also, if you look carefully will find that this package of sequins arranged a very special, is divided into horizontal plane and arranged longitudinal three-dimensional arrangement of two, making sequins with some sense of chaos than the regular arrangement of the old section of the intensive sequins, a bit more modern. Of course, usually taken to the streets with this package really exaggerated, but to the party and go to bars nightclubs Happy time, this package will make you become the focus !

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Sep 16, 2010

Marc Jacobs launched its bookstores

Last weekend,West Village carries a large number of worship,fashionably dressed visitors. And they all have the same destination - a bookstore called the Book Marc. From the bookstore appearance, this is a retro-style then common. But look at this bookstore name: Book Marc, you may be able to find clues. Yes, it's owner is the fashion designer Marc Jacobs.

Shop in addition to their selection of Marc Jacobs books, he has also personally designed a launch "Book Marc" under the name of the stationery. It seems that he will gradually expand this new industry, and make the brand more localized.

Apr 7, 2010

Marc Jacobs new season handbags:padlock handbag

Marc Jacobs 2010 fall handbags design,very beautiful, not from the color on this beautiful bright, but there are many innovations in style, fabric is very exquisite,small padlock is also transformed another style,with United Stated unique characteristic,making this series is not only elegant texture, but with a sort of expansive.

Mar 30, 2010

Marc Jacobs 2010 spring summer accesories(3)

Paradise series
Creative style and inspiration:
Since the Resort 2009 launched Paradise series, the design simple fashion, with a soft and rich texture of the sheep as the main material, accompanied by Marc Jacobs features a small clinch, double zipper and metal locks and window-dressing, is full of feminine design series, highlighted the Fashion generous atmosphere. The cut, the ease of skills-oriented, is essential to go to work for every fashion woman.

Footwear series
The season footwear series offers many styles and colors of the options for different woman. Design, still can find the bowknot of Marc Jacobs with love.

Mar 22, 2010

Marc Jacobs 2010 spring summer accesories(2)

Desir series
Creative style and inspiration:
Brand new luxury Desir series to blend the traditional two-turner, and printed python textured cowhide in one,re-packaging traditional noble Quilting series becoming light and practical handbag series;reduce metal parts, use only depicts the "Marc Jacobs "padlock for decoration, to make the ladies more comfortable to use.Besides original Stam and Small Cecilia series such traditional style,Small Leon was Desir series'newly designed handbag style,square bag create a create a sporty and stylish look for women. Unique treatment of leather processes used varied, rich textures and a soft leather python texture in leather,highlighting women noble and charming temperament.

Dancer series
Creative style and inspiration:
Brand new Dancer series, echoed the 2010 spring and summer clothing series to the stage as the theme,design inspiration from elements of dancers' clothing:two-turner of the bag accompanied by eye-hole, as well as swaying tassels, and add more dynamic.This series offers two leather choices: respectively, the bright patent leather and soft lambskin; while the patent leather series offers no tassels style to cater to different customer preferences.

Mar 15, 2010

Marc Jacobs 2010 spring summer accesories(1)

Marc Jacobs has always been exciting accessories, this season handbags series sets noble fashion, handsome and practical in one.The new 2010 spring and summer series continues to bring more surprises for everyone.Brand new Aztec, Dancer, and Parachute series,a bold design concepts combine the traditional beauty,while Paradise series combines fashion and practicality to please the modern women's favor,it will certainly be buying hot goods; Desir series will be a variety of classic style re-packaging position.
Parachute series
Creative style and inspiration:
Brand new Parachute series use fold the nylon to create a sense of both the feminine and full of movement style.Metallic nylon fabric cleverly decorated with imitation snake skin, and silver accessories with a retro flavor, coupled with a unique and rich taste of the bag design, set in an elegant and modern; lightweight and practical design of the bag better meet the requirements of the young generation of women.

Aztec series
Creative style and inspiration:
Aztec was eye-catching nova at 2010 Spring Summer show,unique leather weaving technique used in the leather, creating a material such as cloth-like visual effects.
A simple bag design has fully demonstrated the ladies of the simplicity of modern refinement and not losing noble demands.Silver accessories with very colorful metal pearl and charms more apparent modern woman's beauty.

Mar 4, 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs 2010 Spring-Summer Accessories(3)

Packable Series
The main material of the New Packable Series is Polyester,the bag is lightweight,easy collection,coupled with handsome and neutral graphic design,will certainly be deeply loved by the tides.


Miss Marc Series
The season Miss Marc Series unfix heart-shaped glasses,wear a pirate hat.Prepare to go sailing, ready for further African tribes;with chalk outline of Sketchy Miss Marc are very cute.The jewelry connection,places the face with the modelling of heart-shaped pattern,earrings,necklaces and rings,are the essential choice for spring and summer dress.
Sketchy Miss Marc-Shopper
Signet Ring
Hinge Bangle
Miss Marc Studs

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