Mar 30, 2010

Marc Jacobs 2010 spring summer accesories(3)

Paradise series
Creative style and inspiration:
Since the Resort 2009 launched Paradise series, the design simple fashion, with a soft and rich texture of the sheep as the main material, accompanied by Marc Jacobs features a small clinch, double zipper and metal locks and window-dressing, is full of feminine design series, highlighted the Fashion generous atmosphere. The cut, the ease of skills-oriented, is essential to go to work for every fashion woman.

Footwear series
The season footwear series offers many styles and colors of the options for different woman. Design, still can find the bowknot of Marc Jacobs with love.

Mar 22, 2010

Marc Jacobs 2010 spring summer accesories(2)

Desir series
Creative style and inspiration:
Brand new luxury Desir series to blend the traditional two-turner, and printed python textured cowhide in one,re-packaging traditional noble Quilting series becoming light and practical handbag series;reduce metal parts, use only depicts the "Marc Jacobs "padlock for decoration, to make the ladies more comfortable to use.Besides original Stam and Small Cecilia series such traditional style,Small Leon was Desir series'newly designed handbag style,square bag create a create a sporty and stylish look for women. Unique treatment of leather processes used varied, rich textures and a soft leather python texture in leather,highlighting women noble and charming temperament.

Dancer series
Creative style and inspiration:
Brand new Dancer series, echoed the 2010 spring and summer clothing series to the stage as the theme,design inspiration from elements of dancers' clothing:two-turner of the bag accompanied by eye-hole, as well as swaying tassels, and add more dynamic.This series offers two leather choices: respectively, the bright patent leather and soft lambskin; while the patent leather series offers no tassels style to cater to different customer preferences.

Mar 15, 2010

Marc Jacobs 2010 spring summer accesories(1)

Marc Jacobs has always been exciting accessories, this season handbags series sets noble fashion, handsome and practical in one.The new 2010 spring and summer series continues to bring more surprises for everyone.Brand new Aztec, Dancer, and Parachute series,a bold design concepts combine the traditional beauty,while Paradise series combines fashion and practicality to please the modern women's favor,it will certainly be buying hot goods; Desir series will be a variety of classic style re-packaging position.
Parachute series
Creative style and inspiration:
Brand new Parachute series use fold the nylon to create a sense of both the feminine and full of movement style.Metallic nylon fabric cleverly decorated with imitation snake skin, and silver accessories with a retro flavor, coupled with a unique and rich taste of the bag design, set in an elegant and modern; lightweight and practical design of the bag better meet the requirements of the young generation of women.

Aztec series
Creative style and inspiration:
Aztec was eye-catching nova at 2010 Spring Summer show,unique leather weaving technique used in the leather, creating a material such as cloth-like visual effects.
A simple bag design has fully demonstrated the ladies of the simplicity of modern refinement and not losing noble demands.Silver accessories with very colorful metal pearl and charms more apparent modern woman's beauty.

Mar 4, 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs 2010 Spring-Summer Accessories(3)

Packable Series
The main material of the New Packable Series is Polyester,the bag is lightweight,easy collection,coupled with handsome and neutral graphic design,will certainly be deeply loved by the tides.


Miss Marc Series
The season Miss Marc Series unfix heart-shaped glasses,wear a pirate hat.Prepare to go sailing, ready for further African tribes;with chalk outline of Sketchy Miss Marc are very cute.The jewelry connection,places the face with the modelling of heart-shaped pattern,earrings,necklaces and rings,are the essential choice for spring and summer dress.
Sketchy Miss Marc-Shopper
Signet Ring
Hinge Bangle
Miss Marc Studs

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Marc by Marc Jacobs 2010 Spring-Summer Accessories(2)

Flash and Flash Nylon Series
Flash and Flash Nylon Series spend two kinds of different materials: leather and nylon, but the design concept is approximately the same,piecing irregular leather fabric and zipper together,respectively create a practical Tote and Leola,as well as the Little Kelsey style;and lightweight Flash Nylon,bags printed with Dahiki stripes,with the clothing of the African tribes wind,the diversified choice will be able to cater to customers different needs.

Little Kelsey

Party Girl Tribal Series
Party Girl Tribal Series are the spring and summer fashion show on the eye-catching accessories, compact designof handbag coupled with a large number of varying shapes clinch as a decoration,both with handle and inclined shoulder,cater for the clothing series tribe wind,bring a little bohemian flavor,also is a necessary single productto attend the party.

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