Dec 28, 2010

Marc Jacobs wallets

Busy throughout the year, you have every reason to have a good reward for own hard work.Marc Jacobs locking wallet latches your mind,does’t it?
Among the many brands and choose,we found high practical Marc Jacobs locking wallet, golden locks and elegant lozenge effect are quite big range design details. Lock on the wallet has a good meaning,it must be on your list of the end year.

Dec 24, 2010

Marc Jacobs Christmas wish list

Christmas is coming,whatever your vacation plan is going to the tropical island,or running in the fashion party in striving to be the party queen, need a perfect shape.Marc Jacobs spring series can meet your needs,from gold sequins dress to the colorful printed dress,with elegant and smll chain bag,sure you can from this Marc Jacobs Christmas wish list find your dream thing.

Dec 9, 2010

Marc Jacobs 2011 spring series

Marc Jacobs 2011 spring series as the painted garden equipped, reflected the morning sun. The feeling of the sun throughout the handbag series, not strong midday sun, but light gold or pink gold dawn, makes people feel warm and comfortable.

Low-key elegance beige, chocolate, black coffee plus a little gold, lemon yellow and pink gold,which flashes a light sense;not to mention the raffia fibers flowers decoration,emphasizing the theme.Raffia fibers in Marc Jacobs 2011 spring series is particularly striking, painted stitching,weaving stripe handbag surface,wrapped with bag handle... Fresh texture makes us more close to nature, while at the same time reveal superb technology. Raffia woven handbag is expensiver than the same style of leather handbag,mainly as the evening bag;canvas large handbag can be as beach bag,checkered flap handbag is undoubtedly the most prominent day bag;small chain shoulder bag will please of young girls like,with them all-day activities.

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Dec 2, 2010

Marc Jacobs Fall Winter ads as always not understand

Marc Jacobs advertising has always been such a bit overexposed and deliberately rough processed photographic style, compared to the display of fashion, create a unique atmosphere as more priority task. Photos of scenes sometimes bright and sometimes desolate,always not understand what people in the picture do, this fantastic sense and sense of style with nothingness attracts many people's eyes, as always, adhere to also let the screen into the fashion world in Marc Jacobs signature image, as the models were wearing what, in fact not very important.

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