Dec 29, 2009

Marc Jacobs handbags

This girl is called Jamie Bochert, she is not new, she and Marc Jacobs(handbags) co-operation is not the first time. Marc Jacobs(handbag) 2009 spring and summer show that she did opening model.Her surprise appearance on which users are: too shocked! Ma Ying-jeou The men found a Model for the opening!That is "intersex", the mysterious newcomer.

Dec 24, 2009

Marc Jacobs handbags

Marc Jacobs handbags, In addition to seeing fashion lovers know how to dress for themselves, but also know how to enjoy life, leisure, travel the world did not forget, it has been launched starting from the 2009 autumn and winter Logo Travel series, with many sought after Marc crazy girls Jumbo Logo for the design blueprint, design The Marc Jacobs handbag of three sizes: Small Fast Bag, Medium Fast Bag and Large Fast Bag. Resort Series Zeyi strong holiday atmosphere for the Logo Travel Series for re-packaging, and to the way the graffiti will be full of childlike pink bow painted Jumbo Logo on handsome. The same series also offers accessories such as purse or small pouch cosmetic bag, the whole set will be the fans have sought after goal.

Dec 18, 2009

Marc Jacobs handbags

MarcJacobs (handbags) to mind, "French Girl" as the inspiration to create the Louis Vuitton series in early spring 2010. These have a beautiful girl with long legs wearing boots opening Zhuiyou sequins and hanging out on the picturesque French Riviera; or shuttle in the busy hustle and bustle of the "urban concrete jungle"; or a stroll in the infinite vastness of beach water. Million species of them dressed in style skating dress or fur folds elegant and poised, hovering in the subversion, between the sexy charm and luxury, while the beam rope, gold metallic jewelry and mosaic printed scarves also underlines their different kind of sweet and lovely.Yes this Marco Jacobs handbag is for beauties.

Dec 9, 2009

Marc Jacobs

Considerably long strap woven bag, and some tassel length and the foot, Marc Jacobs(handbags) accessories can be the most boring point of popularity into the streets. His inspiration for these ideas are then filtered through an active imagination, it presents a completely new look.Marc Jacobs(handbags)

Dec 1, 2009

Marc Jacobs handbags

Series of Marc Jacobs(handbags) dress has always been exciting, Marc Jacobs handbags luxury goods, in simple fashion in the remarkable permeability luxury charm, this quarter is more a collection of elegant fashion handbags series of bold and practical in a break.