Jan 26, 2010

Marc Jacobs handbags

The Caribbean island of St. Barths (St.Barts) though has always been world-renowned celebrity resort, but because LouisVuitton artistic director Marc Jacobs Handbags, there has recently become less peaceful.
In the past holidays, Marc Jacobs handbags and his gay boyfriend LorenzoMartone high-profile, sweet appearance in the charming sea island of St. Barths. Two Qingqingwowo to enjoy sunbathing, bold and intimate manner. Marc Jacobs handbags body tattoos were able to show no doubt.
Do not know if the concern is not high enough fears, Marc Jacobs handbags and LorenzoMartone also wears one of their most eye-catching fluorescent green LouisVuitton graffiti towels, this is a tribute to the MarcJacobs to StephenSprouse for. But it is interesting that, while LorenzoMartone carrying a masterpiece of love - LouisVuitton08 spring and summer MonogramJokes series Duderanch handbags, but Marc Jacobs leaving for Hermès's Birkin bag is! !

Jan 21, 2010

Marc Jacobs handbags

Marc Jacobs handbags clothing the Resort 2009 series can be found in brightly colored tweed jacket with tweed skirt into the handbag design philosophy, and coupled with a 80's style black patent leather, feeling its duties fresh fashion; coupled with eye-catching fluorescent stone, unique metal locking and bamboo hand rolled into a new series of Fluo Tweed is a combination of tradition and innovation. Easy to mix styles, whether for work or holidays, are very suitable for use.Marc Jacobs handbags

Jan 14, 2010

This Marc Jacobs handbag

These are the assecorries of Marc Jacobs of 2010. This Marc Jacobs handbag used the ugly girl as their logo is a verl cool idea!

Jan 7, 2010

Marc Jacobs handbags

Marc Jacobs handbags this season for people to bring about a full of neon colors, big padded shoulders, big wave of 80's hair "antidote" to confront the dark and doom in 2009. I think the good old days in New York," designer, said after the show, "It was definitely a fun dress." This, "the good old days", perhaps refers to the Marc Jacobs handbags spent Area, the Palladium and the Paradise Garage club of those nights, it may be the recent Louis Vuitton's Stephen Sprouse, called "Rock on Mars" exhibition, or what is now permanent in Paris, and his fall series of precisely those "good old days" of nostalgia, to a kind of grand, if the juice like a brightly colored form. Marc Jacobs handbags