Jan 7, 2010

Marc Jacobs handbags

Marc Jacobs handbags this season for people to bring about a full of neon colors, big padded shoulders, big wave of 80's hair "antidote" to confront the dark and doom in 2009. I think the good old days in New York," designer, said after the show, "It was definitely a fun dress." This, "the good old days", perhaps refers to the Marc Jacobs handbags spent Area, the Palladium and the Paradise Garage club of those nights, it may be the recent Louis Vuitton's Stephen Sprouse, called "Rock on Mars" exhibition, or what is now permanent in Paris, and his fall series of precisely those "good old days" of nostalgia, to a kind of grand, if the juice like a brightly colored form. Marc Jacobs handbags

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