Dec 23, 2011

Marc Jacobs handbags for Christmas

Christmas is coming,it is the time to have a crazy party,get gifts and treat yourself.Marc Jacobs select the latest series of holiday bags,creating New York party style,quickly find your favorite!

New Cabochons series, echoes with design theme of clothing series, and continued the details. Licorice and Optic Tote with three-dimensional rivets as the main decorative,along with shoulder or bag's edge as a sparkling ornament, plus simple lines, full of interesting and fashion sense. Soft calfskin material with black and white main color is absolutely perfect combinations.

Socialites series debut in the holiday series, carefully crafted with soft and glossy calfskin , stylish and practical features. Pure color and simple design, with no decoration, only a metal clasp; bag is large and practical,belong to the first choice for career women. 

The Venetia series with fashion and durable appearance, soft calfskin material, together with the magnificent blooming color, bring most vigorous and vital feeling. 

The new Fluo Lace series with gorgeous color and blossoming flower patterns as selling point.Bag is made of soft calfskin and embroidered with lace flowers patterns,matching attractive two-tone color,beautiful,it is can't resist.

Multi Python series is characterized by bright color,with python skin as material,whether small rose or practical Khiki,all shows luxuriant from elegant style.

Dec 8, 2011

Marc Jacobs spring summer 2012 handbags

Tassel bag is suitable for autumn and winter,but spring and summer 2012,Marc Jacobs has used a lot of tassels,with fresh colors,be looked very relaxed and happy.In addition to tassel bags,Marc Jacobs has light colored intrigue snake style,each one in the body will be prize.

Nov 18, 2011

Marc Jacobs Fall 2011 Vintage Leather Tote bag

This season Marc Jacobs has launched Vintage Leather Tote  bag,at first glance I loved it,especially of brown one,color likes through the vicissitude of years,with classical founder appearance,and have added in front of two dark-colored belt,feeling nostalgia.

Oct 9, 2011

Marc Jacobs 2012 ss women's show

Recently the focus of fashion designer is none other than Marc Jacobs, who will succeed John Galliano as Dior new creative director of news for a lot of heated discussions. New York Fashion Week closing show of Marc Jacobs 2012 spring and summer women's show, Marc Jacobs  uses  retro and futuristic feeling, once again proving his strength.

Color bold sequins and gold foil,was embedded in the shirts,coats and dresses,or decoration in the skirt lap,collar,so that very futuristic design of Marc Jacobs 2012 spring and summer women is more brillianter.High-tech check printing of skirt, transparent material contrast with elegance check,not only unobtrusive,but gives a fresh beauty. More transparent plastic material has a full sense of the future, or be cut into connects body cake skirt with layered tassels,or made into large folded bright color skirt,or direct cover shirt made of transparent gallus dress...both have artistic creativity and aesthetic effect.

Sep 2, 2011

Marc Jacobs Spotted Teddy handbag

In fall 2011 show, Marc Jacobs Teddy bag on luxury t-stage extremely is lovable. Cute and fluffy things always make girls put it down. Marc Jacbobs wool handbag, is retro Light coffee color, with black circular points, as well as organic glass ball ornament, like Teddy's eyes. With this handbag out, you will get the center of others gaze.

Aug 12, 2011

Marc Jacobs resort 2012 series bags

Marc Jacobs resort 2012 series bags choose orange, gold,cyan and other jumping colors to 2012 in early spring add a breath of fresh and beautiful. Several gold and silver patent leather crocodile veins bags show modern retro style vividly.

Jul 29, 2011

Marc Jacobs fall winter 2011 handbags (4)

Marc Jacobs accessories has always been exciting,this fall winter handbags gather elegant fashion,bold and practical in one,to bring us more surprises.
The Grey Nubuck Series

The Grey Nubuck series brings new handbag styles for this season: Eddie and Daphne,put simple style to a higher level. Leather selection, choose a naturally tanned calf leather, color respect in gentle blue and pink; the bag couples with the same color shoulder strap and handle, only a black round beads as a decoration, even the logo is lightly embossed in the front of bag. Do not need extra decoration, it can bring out the temperament of noble fashion, more cater to the requirements of the new generation of career women.

The Delancey series

The Delancey series please the modern women's heart by fashion and durability. The Delancey series design is simple fashion, inside space is practical and generous. Bags are manufactured using soft sheepskin,to bring a gentle touch. Metal buckle is most magnificent decorative,highlight the simple beauty of modern women.

Jul 20, 2011

Marc Jacobs fall winter 2011 handbags (3)

Marc Jacobs accessories has always been exciting,this fall winter handbags gather elegant fashion,bold and practical in one,to bring us more surprises.
The Crosby series
The Crosby series provide a fashion selection for career women.The Crosby series is made of cowhide,elegant and fashionable style,and have lightweight,practical features.Design with simple metal ornament collocates gold-plated embossed logo,to easily create own style.In addition to solid color,there is also flamboyant two-tone style,to provide a variety of options,highlight personal style.

The Lindy series

Elegant Lindy series is a new representative of the classic quilting series.This series of buffalo hide as material,with double quilting diamond check of brand identity,and a small bowknot matches a bright rivet as a decoration for the classic style to add a charming.Soft color is also very prominent in deep winter,skillfully brings a fresh contrast.