Nov 18, 2009

Marc Jacob handbags,replica Marc Jacobs

Marc Jacobs with his gay lover Lorenzo Martone had decided in August 2009 wedding, a time delayed to make way for work. Marc Jacobs recently told the "New York Times" reporter said, "We have not set a fixed date, but Lorenzo Martone believe I did promise, missing only one wedding only, hopefully in 2010, will be a small, low-key wedding, but warm. "
Marc Jacobs(handbags) said the U.S. economy has affected him personally, "I've cut my expenses and I Lorenzo Martone in a village in western New York to choose his residence." But it sounds like this does not affect the Louis Vuitton general, in Versace , Gucci period before and after the announced layoffs, LV is still hot. "Recession did not change anything, our sales growth, and I did not notice people's tastes have changed and they are still fanatical worship of the Louis Vuitton handbags."

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