Sep 19, 2010

Marc Jacobs handbags:Marc Jacobs Alexis paillette leather handbag

Marc Jacobs Alexis paillette leather handbag,gold shiny sequins and elegant black leather phase contrast as interesting, many people feel sequined bag is the last century, a product of Shanghai Times, today's society will put some exaggeration, will be people as soon as the actors perform on stage? Oh, does not have to worry this elegant black leather bag suppressed the sequins are too bright character, also, if you look carefully will find that this package of sequins arranged a very special, is divided into horizontal plane and arranged longitudinal three-dimensional arrangement of two, making sequins with some sense of chaos than the regular arrangement of the old section of the intensive sequins, a bit more modern. Of course, usually taken to the streets with this package really exaggerated, but to the party and go to bars nightclubs Happy time, this package will make you become the focus !

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