Mar 4, 2010

Marc by Marc Jacobs 2010 Spring-Summer Accessories(2)

Flash and Flash Nylon Series
Flash and Flash Nylon Series spend two kinds of different materials: leather and nylon, but the design concept is approximately the same,piecing irregular leather fabric and zipper together,respectively create a practical Tote and Leola,as well as the Little Kelsey style;and lightweight Flash Nylon,bags printed with Dahiki stripes,with the clothing of the African tribes wind,the diversified choice will be able to cater to customers different needs.

Little Kelsey

Party Girl Tribal Series
Party Girl Tribal Series are the spring and summer fashion show on the eye-catching accessories, compact designof handbag coupled with a large number of varying shapes clinch as a decoration,both with handle and inclined shoulder,cater for the clothing series tribe wind,bring a little bohemian flavor,also is a necessary single productto attend the party.

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